Pamela Darrow is a 14 year Pixar veteran, Pam has been a project manager of production teams for seven feature-length films and two shorts, including Academy Award Winning films Brave, Up, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo.  What she most enjoys is building teams that fire on all cylinders to produce astounding artistry, while staying within budgetary and schedule parameters.  She finds incredible satisfaction in supporting teams of technical and creative artists, fostering collaboration from the early storyboards and conceptual designs to attaining the visual goals of a film, worthy of the big screen.  Superpowers that Pam has gained along the way include brainstorming strategic solutions, herding artists, and the ability to work cohesively with any personality type to get the job done.

In reflecting back on the mentors she has had along the way, Pam aims to pay it forward by sharing organizational, strategic, and film-making skills with younger generations, who are ready to show the world their visionary and leadership capabilities.  When practicing work-life balance, Pam enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, day-dreaming about travelling, making a mess in the kitchen, hosting dinner parties, watching movies, hiking, reading, binge-watching long-format shows, and honing her amateur instagram skills.