Women’s Filmmaking  Workshop Weekends


“I am still on a high from last weekend. Beginning with the magical journey up the red staircase, I learned so much and had a blast. I loved meeting all the speakers and attendees. I’m still in awe of the fact that two films were made and they were both great and fun to watch and made sense. Wow!” – Amy

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We Are Happy To Announce Our Upcoming Women’s Weekend!

A fun-filled weekend of women and filmmaking is coming to Camp Reel Stories again soon! Join us for an awesome 2 1/2 days and your chance to produce your own film! Utilizing the same techniques and technology we use at Camp Reel Stories. We will give adult women a chance to see that your stories and ideas matter and your audience is waiting!


March 15-17

Friday The 15th From 5-8pm
Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-5


TBD in Oakland