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 My Time Behind the Camera Is Now

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Oakland Session - 2Most Popular

July 17 - 21

$550Registration Closed:
See Film Festival: July 22



LA Beginning Filmmaking CampBrand New!

July 24 -28

$600Camp: 9 AM – 5:30 PM
Film Festival: July 28

held at Glendale Community College –

1500 North Verdugo Rd., Glendale, CA 91208

Beginning Filmmaking Summer Camp for Girls


Camp Reel Stories offers Filmmaking Summer Bootcamps for girls entering 8th-12th grade.  Discover your voice and express your point of view in a powerful and thoughtful way via Film.  Learn how media affects you and those around you and how you can take control of it.  Become a leader in a world where young women ages 13-18 consume 9 hours*  of  media per day . You’ll be amazed by your newfound ability to analyze, evaluate, and create powerful and meaningful media.

Bootcamp begins with media literacy training as well as leadership and team building. Film workshops are held through out the camp to teach you the skills needed to create your own film.  Insider lectures are given by professional filmmakers who have worked in the media industry for decades to include Oscar nominees and winners.  Editing of your film takes place on Friday for final preparation to present at a real live film festival filled with family and friends.

Utilizing Accessible Technologies, Each Camper Will Be Encouraged To Actively

Participate In Every Stage Of The Filmmaking Process


⊕ Development:  As a key part of the development process, directors and producers pitch their project to receive funding to make their films. During our development phase, all Campers are taught how to pitch their stories and work together to get a project “Green Lit”.

⊕ Pre-Production: There are many different elements that need to be considered before a movie is even filmed. Campers will be given an introduction to these elements, including Scripting, Storyboarding, Casting, Design and Locations.

⊕ Production: With a focus on the roles needed in the actual production of a film, campers will learn how the Director, Cinematographer, Actor, Lighting Director, Sound Engineer and others all collaborate to create each frame of a movie.

⊕ Post-Production: Campers learn the basic tools to polish a film and prepare it for distribution. In the post-production phase we look at Film Editing, Sound Mixing, Title Creation, and Special Effects.

⊕ Grand Finale: The camp culminates in an official film festival where the campers present their work to an audience of family, friends and local supporters!


Camp Reel Stories believes that when women and girls are better represented behind the scenes in the media, they will be better reflected on the screen. Camp Reel Stories is a non-profit organization that empowers 13-18 year old young women with the skills to create their own media, to view current media critically and thoughtfully, and to aspire to leadership in their field. At the Camp Reel Stories summer programs girls get to work in small, collaborative groups, to write, shoot, edit and broadcast their own short films. Camp Reel Stories is the only media program led by professionals in the Media Industry.  Join us this summer to show the world your stories.  Your audience is waiting.  Financial aid is available

Throughout the year Camp Reel Stories offers women of all ages an opportunity to learn how to make films and tell their stories. We do this through a combination of workshops and camps for girls and women who want to learn how to make movies in the new digital media era.

And The Winner Is…

Here are a few of the film festivals Camp Reel Stories’ campers have been a part of: