CLUB Reel Stories?

Currently, there are CLUB Reel Stories for young women and non-binary youth at San Ramon High in San Ramon, CA and South Pasadena High in Pasadena, CA.  CLUB Reel Stories is a Youth Led curriculum that shows young women and non-binary youth how to continue to make films outside of one of our summer programs.  Each part of the filmmaking process is explained in easy to follow lessons and powerpoint slides.  The Program Coordinator is available to walk through any complicated lessons.  We give you the tools and technical know how to make films with your high school film club!

What’s CLUB Reel Stories?

Get Club Reel Stories at Your School

CLUB Reel Stories is a school club program developed to teach 12-18 year-old young women and non-binary youth media literacy within the standard academic school year of September-May. The purpose of the club is to serve the Reel Stories mission. Reel Stories empowers young women and non-binary people with the skills to create their own media, to view current media critically and thoughtfully, and to aspire to leadership in their lives.


Goals of Program:

  • Film: A short film will be completed.
  • Film Distribution: Reel Stories has connections with many youth and gender-equity-focused film festivals around the world and we submit all our films to numerous festivals (it’s up to the festivals which films they select). In addition, we would screen any finished films at our film festivals in LA and the Bay Area.  In the Bay Area, our film festivals get between 400-500 attendees.

Requirement to begin the program at your school:

  • At least one club member must have attended one session of Reel Stories.
  • The club must have a minimum of 3 members but 5 or more is ideal
  • Must apply online at: registration
  • Pay a registration fee of $1500.00 +processing fees per school club. *Help with fundraising this amount will be available on an as needed basis.


  • Needed equipment will depend on club experience level. At the very least a cell phone with a camera is needed, iMovie and an internet connection. The ideal setup would include a high-end DSLR, pro sound recorder such as Zoom H4-H6, shotgun mic and boom, headset, lighting kit, slate, and a computer that can process Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Curriculum: Overview: A series of talks and lectures will be shared every week via skype. Media assignments will also be shared weekly. All content will be available online or live and will be focused on two content streams; Media literacy and Media creation.

Week over week highlights

  • Session 1: FaceTime with founder – Media literacy exercise: Moving Girls to the Center of the story, Bechtel test and beyond
  • Session 2: Three act structure exercise – Once Upon a Time
  • Session 3: Characters – Antagonist vs protagonist
  • Session 4: Work on story
  • Session 5: Pitch story ideas to each other, choose one to produce Homework: Identify one film or TV show that shows girls in a positive light, and one that needs improvement
  • Session 6: Composition and camera angles
  • Session 7: Story boarding
  • Session 8: Storyboard your film idea
  • Session 9: Using your iPhone or camera to shoot your film, learn about natural light, camera angles. (FaceTime session with Media Teacher)
  • Session 10: Prep for shoot
  • Session 11: Shoot
  • Session 12: Shoot
  • Session 13: Shoot
  • Session 14: Shoot
  • Session 15: Basic Editing in iMovie workshop (FaceTime session with Media teacher)
  • Session 16: Edit and reshoot, titles
  • Session 17: Edit and reshoot, titles
  • Session 18: Edit and reshoot, titles
  • Session 19: Edit and reshoot, titles
  • Session 20: Screen your film