In order to build equity in the film and media industry, Reel Stories creates a path for young women and gender non-conforming youth to make their own content and enter media careers. Reel Stories empowers our participants with the skills, experience, and connections to succeed in the industry and aspire to leadership in their field. To achieve our mission, we’ve created a pipeline for girls to go from no experience, to professional experience in the film industry.

Reel Stories offers women of all ages an opportunity to learn how to make films and tell their stories. We do this through a combination of workshops and camps for girls and women who want to learn how to make movies in the new digital media era.

Reel Stories is the only media program led by professionals in the Media Industry. Brenda Chapman (writer/director of Brave), Darla Anderson (Producer of Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story 3), Lora Hirschberg (Sound Engineer, Inception), Rebekah Fergusson (Documentary Director, The Case Against 8), Sheila McIntosh (Editor, Coraline) and many others have led workshops at Camp Reel Stories.

Working in small, collaborative groups, this camp gives the campers the opportunity to make and broadcast their own short films.

Film and Television is a multi-billion dollar industry and it can seem very secretive and exclusive, but the industry is going through a process of great transformation right now. Anyone can tell their story and distribute it to the world via online and social media platforms like youtube, vimeo, etc… Girls are still famously underrepresented, both behind the scenes and on screen, but Reel Stories intends to teach our campers that, with the right tools and training, they hold the key to a revolution in the media industry. Their dreams are within reach.

Utilizing accessible technologies, each camper will be encouraged to actively participate in every stage of the filmmaking process. 

  • Development: As a key part of the development process, directors and producers pitch their project to receive funding to make their films. During our development phase, all Campers are taught how to pitch their stories and work together to get a project “Green Lit”.
  • Pre-Production:  There are many different elements that need to be considered before a movie is even filmed. Campers will be given an introduction to these elements, including Scripting, Storyboarding, Casting, Design and Locations.
  • Production: With a focus on the roles needed in the actual production of a film, campers will learn how the Director, Cinematographer, Actor, Lighting Director, Sound Engineer and others all collaborate to create each frame of a movie.
  • Post-Production: Campers learn the basic tools to polish a film and prepare it for distribution. In the post-production phase we look at Film Editing, Sound Mixing, Title Creation, and Special Effects.

The camp culminates in an official film festival where the campers present their work to an audience of family, friends and local supporters!

Reel Stories is part of the Alliance for Girls & Media Groups, which includes MEDIAGIRLS Hawaii Women in FilmmakingPOW Filmfest, and Reel Grrls. These organizations, which span the country, all teach girls and young women to think critically about media messages aimed at them, and create empowering media content.